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Welcome Service

Whether you’re landing at the airport or about to take off: we’ll be glad to escort you to check-in and take care of your bags, or else pick you up at the baggage claim and take you by the shortest route to a train, a taxi, or your car.

Product Description

Would you like to take advantage of a personal escort at Frankfurt Airport? Our Welcome Service provides assistance when you arrive: either for getting from the regional train station to check-in or from the baggage claim to the regional train station.

An airport employee collects you at an agreed meeting place - e.g., the regional train station or a taxi stand - and helps you with your luggage and/or check-in.

If you’d like to be accompanied all the way to an ICE train, we charge 20 euro additional.


Booking Information

  • Our staff speak German and English.
  • The Welcome Service include 4 pieces of normal sized luggage (maximum weight 30 kg). If you have more baggage we charge for the transportation:  

-  per piece of regular luggage (80x50x30 cm, max. weight 30 kg) 5 EUR additional

-  per piece of bulky item (larger than regular luggage or more than 30 kg) 10 EUR additional 


Contact Provider FraSec Services

If you have any questions or are interested in special arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re happy to serve you

Hotline daily 9°° a.m. til 3°° p.m. local time / phone: +49 69 - 690 - 66 666

Postal address:

FraSec Services GmbH
Gebäude 234 C 6.66
Hugo-Eckener-Ring FAC 1
60549 Frankfurt am Main

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