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We know our way around - and therefore offer you a personal guide service at Frankfurt Airport. Our trained staff will escort you before departing and/or after landing and make sure that everything related to your trip goes smoothly.

Product Description

Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s largest. This is a big advantage, provided you know what is where. Our Guide Service will help you find your way around and escort you through the check-in procedure and security check.

Please note that all required distances have to be covered on foot and without outside help.


Booking Information

  • Our staff speak German and English. For an extra fee of 29 Euros, we can also provide personnel fluent in another language of your choice (Common European Framework level B1)
  • Our service is for guidance only and do not include luggage transportation. To do this, contact the porter service at Frankfurt Airport.
  • The Guide Service can be booked for up to four people. For larger groups we offer the product Group Guide Service.
  • Please book the Guide Service a maximum of 2 months and at least 4 days before departure or arrival. The availability check of our service can take up to 72 hours.
  • This service is not available for people with reduced mobility. For persons with reduced mobility, there is a special, free of charge Service that will assist you at the airport (does not include transportation to the airport). For more information please check or contact your airline.
  • Our service is offered for the fastest and direct way from the incoming gate, recheck-in plus escorting of departing passengers through the security and passport checks straight to the departure gate for the next flight. This service does not include any stopovers and no permanent support during layover times. In case of a last-minute departure gate change, it is the passenger's responsibility to follow the airline's announcements accordingly. If you wish permanent care, we offer this at a starting price of 89 euros for the first hour and 65 euros for each additional hour started.
  • This service is not designed for minors traveling alone. If you are in need of such a service please contact your airline. For young people from the age of 12, we offer permanent care during the layover times on separate request by e-mail at a starting price of 89 euros for the first hour and 65 euros for each additional hour started.
  • Meeting point: In general, arriving passengers are met when entering the terminal at the deboarding gate or at the arrival bus gate (in the case of an apron position). Guests departing from Frankfurt can be met by the guide at check-in, at the train station or at the terminal doors on the main road. Please look for a DINA 4 sign with your name and identify yourself to the guide. 

     Therefore please note the following part of our general conditions and terms:

    6 Service Provision

    The service employees designated for the booked service are identifiable to the booking customers by means of a specially designed pick-up sign on which the name of the respective customer is displayed. The booked passengers will identify themselves to the designated service employees at the latest 15 minutes after the scheduled arrival time at the meeting point. FraSec Services GmbH will make every effort within the scope of technical and operational possibility to provide the service despite any delay on the part of the customers.

    Departing customers are obliged to choose the time for the meeting with the respective service employee(s) in such a way that this time is at least 120 minutes or the airline's specification before the scheduled departure time of the booking passengers. If a time closer to the scheduled departure time for the booked flight has nevertheless been selected, the passengers bear the risk should the gate for the departure not be reached in time.

    For arriving customers, unless otherwise agreed, the scheduled arrival time applies when picked up at the boarding gate or at the terminal stop of the apron bus. If the arrival time of the flight is delayed by more than 30 minutes, FraSec Service GmbH is released from providing the agreed service. FraSec Services GmbH will make every effort, within the scope of its technical and operational possibilities, to provide the service despite a delay on the part of the passenger. 



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If you have any questions or are interested in special arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re happy to serve you

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