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Group Guide Service

We know our way around - and therefore offer you a personal guide Service for Groups of 4 or more passengers at Frankfurt Airport. Our trained staff will escort your group before departing and after landing and make sure that everything related to your trip goes smoothly.

Product Description

Frankfurt Airport is one of the world’s largest. This is a big advantage, provided you know what is where. Our Group Guide Service will help you find your way around and escort you through the check-in procedure and security check. We will guide you through the airport with up to 4 employees.

Booking Information

  • Our staff speak German and English. For an extra fee of 20 Euros, we can also provide personnel fluent in another language of your choice.
  • From a group size of 21 passengers we provide 2 guides.
  • From a group size of 41 passengers we provide 3 guides.
  • From a group size of 81 passengers we provide 4 guides.
  • Please book our Group Guide Service at least 48 hours before arriving at or departing from Frankfurt Airport.
  • Our service is offered for the fastest and direct way from the incoming gate, recheck-in plus escorting of departing customers through the security and passport checks straight to the departure gate for the next flight. We do not offer permanent care during layover times.
  • We do not offer permanent care for unaccompanied children under the age of 18. 
    If you are in need of such a service please contact your airline. 
  •  This service is not available for persons with reduced mobility. For persons with reduced mobility, there is a special, free of charge Service that will assist you at the airport (No transportation to the airport). For more information please click here  or contact your airline.
  • The MyAirportguide in a grey-blue suit will meet you immediately after entering the airport building with a personalized name board. Please wait at the meeting point and watch out for the assistance. 

     Therefore please note the following part of our general conditions and terms:

    9.3.1 Customers should let the responsible service employee know they are at the agreed meeting place no later than 15 minutes after the agreed time. They can identify the responsible service employee by a specially designed pickup sign bearing their name. As far as is technically and organizationally possible, FraSec will also strive to provide the service when customers are late.
    9.3.2 Departing customers should choose the meeting time so that it is at least 120 minutes before their flight’s scheduled departure time. If they fail to do this and allow less time, they bear the consequences of not getting to the gate on time to catch the flight.
    9.3.3 Unless otherwise agreed, arriving customers will be picked up at the gate at their flight’s scheduled arrival time, from the apron bus stop when it is scheduled to arrive there, or from the baggage claim 30 minutes after the flight’s scheduled arrival time. If the flight arrives more than 30 minutes later than scheduled, FraSec is freed from having to provide the contracted service. Nevertheless, as far as is technically and organizationally possible FraSec will also strive to provide the service when customers are late.  



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If you have any questions or are interested in special arrangements, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we’re happy to serve you

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